Saturday, October 2, 2010

CIS(theta) Meeting II (2010-2011) - Burn Fest!!

Burn Fest!!

DavidG, HerbertK, JayW, JoshG, RyanH

Reading: Building Parallel Programs, Chapter2


This week we reviewed the reading from Chapter 1 and the links from Reasearch 1.  We talked about setting up pelicanHPC in the near future via PXEboot to run some jobs using Octave, MPI and MPITB.  This week's reading is Chapter 2 and Research 2.  I put up Research 3 as it is related to TJHSST, but you can skip those links for now.

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon
Then we talked about our 64bit Ubuntu install as discribed here: whereby all the PCs in our lab are installed identically (24 student clients, 1 teacher client and 2 servers) via the Ubuntu 10.04 live install CD (dualboot with WinXP making linux the primary boot partition on grub2).  I added JRE to the teacher and student stations so we could do 3D graphs on SAGE.  I also added VLC to the teacher station so I could display my crazy videos.  

We discussed adding flash (for youtube viewing), WINE (for VTI in math class), handbrake (to edit DVDs for youtube upload) and xournal (for writing notes in class with my wireless tablet) to the teacher station.  We will also be installing vsftp and openssh-server on the servers. 

Note: student and teacher PCs are 64bit dualcore AMD Athlons and the new servers are 64bit quadcore Intel Xeons.  So, the "geek squad" has its hands full with helping me do all this in the near future!

Meanwhile, the "geek squad" burned, labeled and cased 50 Ubuntu 32bit liveCDs that I can now give out in my classes for my new students to work from home in the same environment as they do in class.  BTW, we made a mini field trip to the Math Office to get some CDs where we found 10x100 CD and 15x50 DVD spindles!  Thanx guys!

Happy Clustering,

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