Title: “Look Ma, No Calculator!”

How do we learn and teach Mathematics with technology in the 21st Century?  Many teachers use a SmartBoard simply as a presentation device, but there’s so much more that you can do! Our discussion will include using a BlueTooth PC Tablet, Wireless Mic and Video Recording Software to store your lessons online as well as using Calculator Emulators and Computer Algebra Systems such as VTI and SAGE!

Audience: Math 9–12 + College

Part I: Allow me to introduce myself, my website, my blog and my youtube channel.

Part II: Let’s see the old fashioned way of using technology in the classroom using a Graphing Calculator (VTI). We’ll try something easy like writing a program to solve quadratic equations.

Part III: Welcome to the 21st Century! Let’s try the same thing with a Computer Algebra System (CAS). I’ll also make a short recording of this part of my presentation so you can see how you could use youtube.

I hope you enjoyed our little workshop today. Maybe you got something out of my demonstration that you can use in your own classroom.

A. Jorge García
Applied Math & CS
Baldwin SHS Nassau CC