Friday, September 25, 2015

Calculus BC, 2015-2016 September: Hit the ground running!

Calculus BC, 2015-2016 September: 

Hit the ground running!
Welcome back! I hope you had a great Summer. Let me just give a quick summary of week 1. I will usually post similar updates once or twice each month.

We started with CH2 Limits and the Difference Quotient this week. Why? Because I decided to skip CH1 preCalc Review. I want to "hit the ground running" and not spend too much time on review or the early chapters. This way we'll have more time for more challenging topics!

We had a lot of networking and power issues the first week of school, so I'm using last year's screencasts. I already recorded new lessons as we started using the TI-nSpire last year. So, the networking issues didn't affect us as my Calculus students use the PCs mostly for the nSpire emulator on the Desktop.

Week2 = Finishing Limits!
OK, we are sailing right along! We're almost finished with Limits and the definition of the derivative as the limit of the Difference Quotient! 

Week3 = Differentiation Rules!

This week was mostly about some practice. Then we had a review session in the form of a PRE_TEST warming up for our first TAKE_HOME_TEST! We're doing more take homes this year to conserve class time so we have plenty of time for the tougher topics near the end of the curriculum! So, Friday, instead wasting a period on testing, we started UNIT03 on the Algebraic Rules for Differentiation. In other words, we talked about the Product and Quotient Rules. We didn't get to the Chain Rule yet. As you can see, we start the year with a thorough review of AP Calculus AB material!

Week4 = More Differentiation Rules!

We practiced the Product and Quotient Rules. Then we played with the Chain Rule!

Topical YouTubes not for Wednesdays!

Tom Lehrer's Lobachevsky!
Grace Hopper on 60 Minutes in 1983!
Tom Lehrer's New Math!
(No class Wednesday of Week 4)

Calculus BC + TI-nSpire CX CAS

Well, that's all folks!

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