A. Jorge Garcia

Career Objective
To be an educator in the field of Applied Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science.

Educational Background
Master of Science in Applied Mathematics with Computer Math
CW Post Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at LIU (89)
Arts Baccalaureate in Physics with Education, Mathematics and EE
College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University (83)

Employment History
Math Teacher Baldwin SHS (85-86 and 87 to date)
AP Audit, Middle States, ATP & Block Scheduling Committees
Curriculum, Textbook & Upgrade Committees
Chess Club & Computer Club Advisor, Computer Curriculum Writer
RCT Math, Regents Math I, II and III, Math A&B, Statistics
Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II & Trigonometry
PreCalculus, AP Calculus AB&BC with TI-81/82/83/84/85/86/89/92/nSpire CX CAS
Using Computers (DOS), Computer Math (BASIC)
Advanced Computer Math (C/C++)
Computer Science Honors (Python/SAGE)
AP Computer Science A&AB (Pascal, C++, Java)
Computing Independent Study (PVM, MOSIX, MPI with FORTRAN, C++ & Python, Android SDK)
Various Independent Study & In-service courses
Associate Adjunct Math Professor Nassau Community College (95 to date)
M002: Introduction to Algebra
M109: College Algebra&Trig, M111: PreCalculus,
M122&123: Harvard Calculus I and II with TI-83/84/85/86
Assistant Adjunct Math Professor SUNY College of Technology at Farmingdale
(Fall 93-Summer 94) Technical Calculus A, Finite Mathematics II
Math&Science Teacher Ames JHS @ Massapequa UFSD (86-87)
Honors Chemistry 7, Math 8, Chess Team Founder
Computer Consultant MNA Consulting (6/23/85 to date)
Math Teacher Bayport-Blue Point HS (84-85)
Math 9R, Intermediate Algebra, Math11R, Mathletes

Baldwin Recognition of Excellence in Teaching (95 to date), Empire State Challenger Fellow (88-89), CW Post Dean's Scholar (84-87), NYS Honors Regents Scholar (79-83), COSEP Fellow (79-82), American Chemical Society (79), Bausch & Lomb (79)

AP Calculus AB & BC Reformed Calculus Institutes with TI-8X (91, 92)
NYS Public School Teacher (09/01/89) of Mathematics 7-12 (321525901)
NYS Physics & General Science 7-12 (321526901)

Rotating Memberships
Association for Computing Machinery, American Museum of Natural History,
AP Users' Group, Computer Science Teachers Association,
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics,
National Geographic Society,
US Chess Federation

IBM PCs and Peripherals

WordStar, Lotus 1-2-3, DBase III+
Borland, WordPerfect, Microsoft Office
DOS, Windows, Macintosh and Internet Applications

DOS, Windows, Novell, OS/X, Linux, openMOSIX

Programming Languages
PVM, MPI, Python, Java, C/C++, Pascal, QBASIC, VBASIC, PL/C, FORTRAN, ASM, Android SDK

Conference Speaker and Inservice Instructor
LIMACON SUNY Old Westbury (Calculus, SAGE): 2000, 2002, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2013
T^3 Molloy College (SAGE, Blogspot, Youtube, SmartBoard): 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013
Baldwin Staff Development Day (SAGE): 2010, 2012
Baldwin Inservice (BASIC, Excel): 1992, 1996

Art Show Presentations
I-CON SUNY Stony Brook (CGI Math Art): 2006-2010
PI Day Suffolk Community College Grant Campus (CGI Math Art): 2008-2010

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