Saturday, October 23, 2010

SAGE All Day, Every Day!!!

I'm in SAGE Heaven! My PC Lab/Classroom is running like a well oiled machine! My students walk in and boot-up. First thing that happens is the 64bit Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop pops up. Then, Firefox automagically starts up. And, last but not least, Firefox surfs over to an online SAGE server!  My classroom is running SAGE 24x7, 'tis a thing of beauty and the students are taking to it quite well!

Here's a little update on what we've been doing with the Litvin's new MP3 text in my new Computer Math class using Python to study Discrete Math!

It took quite a while to complete chapter 1.  It took nearly a month to intro SAGE, read chapter 1 and do the exercises, lab 1 and test 1.  FYI, here's what we did for the exercises in chapter 1:
ch1.2 Sets
ch1.3 Functions
ch1.4 Algorithms
ch1.5 Python

Chapter 2 went a bit more smoothly!  We took about 2 weeks to read the chapter, do the exercises, lab 2 and test 2.  See for yourself:
ch2.2 CPU & Memory
ch2.3 Python Interpreter
ch2.4 Python Code

I've even been using SAGE in my preCalculus and Calculus classes!

Well, that's all for today. I hope you have enjoyed the various graphs posted above! These were graphs my students came up with when I asked them to find and plot a function whose range is 0<=y<=1. They had a hard time of it until I said y can be in any of these intervals: [0,1], [0,1), (0,1], (0,1). 

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