Monday, May 30, 2016

My Senior Cut Day Adventure 2016!

My Senior Cut Day Adventure 2016!
Last Friday was Senior Cut Day once more ... or, as I like to call this time honored tradition, Teacher Cut Day! I didn't actually cut, but I didn't do a whole lot of teaching either. As you can see above, I spent the day catching up on paper work as I also caught up on the last few episodes of Supernatural. That was between periods. During class time, if any Sophomores or Juniors showed up, we played BZFlag in Capture The Flag mode. We were all on one server with the left side of the room playing the Red Team and the right side of the room playing the Green Team. Fun was had by all!

What was even more fun was what happened the night before! I attended the BSHS Spring Concert. The Symphonic Band and the Orchestra are my usual favorites. However, I must say, the Choir stole the show with the help of NickB, MiguelM and DavidZ as seen in the video above from my Instagram.

Then, my luck held true, as I drove home after Senior Cut Day by way of the Ocean Parkway and Jones Beach. The place was jammed. There was no parking anywhere. I stopped by the side of the road, east of the Clock Tower, to watch the Blue Angels practice for the Air Show this Memorial Day Weekend! There were a lot of other air teams doing all sorts of stunts too as you can see in the Instagram video above.

Happy Memorial Day 2016!!!

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