Saturday, October 30, 2010

CIS(theta) Meeting IV (2010-2011) - RIP Colossus

RIP Colossus

JayW, JoshG, RyanH

DavidG, HerbertK

Reading: Building Parallel Programs, Chapter4

openmosix distros
clusterknoppix CD
quantian DVD
chaos CD
bccd CD

First thing we did this week was to observe a moment of silence.  Yes, Colossus, our ssh server, has finally died after running flawlessly 24x7 for 12 years non-stop (the hdd melted and ground to a halt)!  Kudos goto Slackware as I was running version 3.0 on Colossus all 12 years.  Talk about set it and forget it!  Sorry, Colossus, it's time to go, we don't use Intel Pentium IIs anymore....

Next on the agenda, was to install a new ssh server to replace Colossus.  We will make the new server run as a ssh and an ftp server.  His name shall be Guardian.  We have another new server we will setup as a mirror site.  Her name shall be Caprica.  

So, we installed 32bit Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop edition on Guardian, our new quad-core Intel Xeon.  Yes, it's 32bit - I know, I was shocked too.  Well, that's a good thing, we can make this a Teacher Station as well as a server and not have to downgrade Shadowfax after all.  We'll just need a video switch between the WimpDoze Teacher Station and the Linux Teacher Station!  OK, so we don't really need 2 Linux Teacher Stations, but one is never enough!

We then had to figure out which of the 2 Ethernet cards was eth0 and which of the 4 Ethernet drops were live on the internet.  We crashed and burned at this stage as we ran into a little SNAFU.  We found eth0, but we couldn't find a live drop.  We have 2 new intranet drops for the Linux LAN and 2 new internet drops for the 2 new servers to be accessible off campus.  However, we could not access the internet.  BTW, we also need the internet to finish installing openssh, vsftp and jdk!

As usual our network is FUBAR.  Either the ethernet card's MAC address is blocked, or we didn't get any internet drops installed by the tech department after all.  IDK why we have 2 ethernet cards per server and 4 drops when the old servers did fine with just one card and one drop each - KISS!  I guess we better RTFM b4 the next meeting....

Well, "That's All Folks," for this meeting. We'll tackle the new server again next meeting in 2 weeks. Check our new Facebook Group, CIS(theta), for our next event!  BTW, this 1 hour meeting every 2 weeks is mandatory.  

Here's a YouTube showing sample game play for my latest favorite RTS (for iPod Touch) for no apparent reason other than we're all gamers and not lamers, right? Enjoy!

Happy Clustering,

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