Friday, November 30, 2018

preCalculus Honors 2018-2019: Starting Our Trigonometry Boot Camp (November)

preCalculus Honors 2018-2019:
Starting Our Trigonometry Boot Camp

Chapter06+Chapter07 SCREENCASTS

We spent a couple of weeks, ending in a test, on intro to Chapters 6&7. Chapter 6 was about SOHCAHTOA, basic trig graphs (sin(), cos(), tan()) and SinReg. Chapter 7 was about the Unit Circle, Proving Trig Identities and Solving Trig Equations. Then we started another 2 weeks on Chaters 6&7 ending in another test spending more time on Special Trig Graphs (csc(), sec(), tan()) and using Trig Identities! 

We always say:

"Be one with your inner Ramanujan! He figured trig all by himself before the age of 13. He had no school, no teacher, no book! He didn't even have paper or pencil. All he had was dirt and a stick!" 

If he can figure out trig under such dire circumstances, so can you!

I call this our 8 Week Trig Boot Camp as we spend all of Quarter II on Trig. We spend the first 4 weeks on Chapters 6&7 as described above. Then we cover Chapter 8 (Law Of Sines, Law Of Cosines and Triangle Area)for 2 weeks before holiday break and we spend 2 more weeks on Chapter 9 (Vectors and CIS(theta)) after holiday break. Then we review for MidTerms!

(1 video = up to 5 bonus points):
1) Use a recognizable tune.
2) Karaoke entire song changing up the words (about STEM).
3) You are Singing, Dancing or Playing an instrument.
4) You upload your video to YouTube and provide the url.
5) YouTube Description includes the lyrics.


(up to 5 articles = 1 bonus point each):
1) Cover Sheet is a Summary of the article.
2) Full Page, 12 pt Font, Double Spaced, 1" Margins.
3) Article has to be STEM related
4) Article has to be a current event.
5) Copy of entire article is attached.

Well, that's all folks!
Teaching with Technology,