Sunday, April 24, 2016

AP CompSci 2015-2016 April: Arrays and ArrayLists!

AP CompSci 2015-2016 April

Arrays and ArrayLists!
OOPs, we did it again! It's the first day of Spring Break and AP Exam Week is the day we get back. So, I suppose the course is over? Not quite, since we had networking problems all of September and no access to our SSH Server from home this entire year due to new FireWalls at school, my students were way behind all year.

We managed to cover everything and have a week of AP Review. But we had to skip Lab18 on Recursion. Also, we didn't get to Lab10 Inheritance or Lab12 Polymorphism, but we emphasized these concepts all year. We barely finished Lab07 on Arrays! We covered Static Arrays and ArrayLists, 1D and 2D.

This year, instead of a separate BlogSpot or YouTube playlist on Life After CS documenting our final project, I think we'll continue this blog and add new material as we go as we finish the course.

Sorting Out Sorting!
Number Sense!

AP Computer Science + JAVA

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preCalculus 2015-2016 April: Limits and the Difference Quotient!

preCalculus 2015-2016 April

Limits and the Difference Quotient!

This has got to be the best way to introduce Calculus ever! We started with our last chapter in preCalculus: CH03 Rational Functions. We talked about Domain, Range, Symmetry, Intercepts, Holes and Asymptotes (Horizontal, Vertical, Slant, nonLinear). The emphasis through out, however, was Limits! We talked about the existence of Limit. Then we talked about Limits at Infinity. as well as 1-sided Limits on either side of a Vertical Asymptote.

We followed this discussion on Limits with the introCALC UNIT02 Difference Quotient and describing what a Derivative is. We played around with Continuity and Differentiability. We differentiated several functions including: Polynomial, Rational and Trigonometric. We used the Binomial Expansion Theorem to demonstrate the Power Rule for Derivatives. We even found the Derivative of abs(x), sin(x), cos(x) and e^x!

Our next unit, introCALC UNIT03, will be on Differentiation Rules such as: Product Rule, Quotient Rule and Chain Rule!

What is the Fractal Geometry of Nature?

I Will Derive!
Thriller Calculus!

NEW preCalculus + TI-84plusC

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