Saturday, April 1, 2017

PAEMST 2017: 3rd Time's the Charm?

PAEMST 2017: 3rd Time's the Charm?
Once more onto the breach, my friends? Well, I hope that the 3rd time is the charm! I think this will be my last attempt at this application process! Hoping for NYS Finalist this time, at least.

I was nominated to compete for the PAEMST award for the first time around 11/1/2012. I went through the whole application process, all 10 grueling steps of it and uploaded my entry by 5/1/2013. But I was not chosen. 

I was nominated again around 11/1/2014 and finished a whole new application by 5/1/2015. But I was not chosen, not even for NYS Finalist? 

I was nominated again around 11/1/2016. This time I was told I could simply resubmit my 2015 application. So, silly me, I waited until now to resubmit, only to find out that I had to reedit everything! I was able to cut and past my essay and resubmit my video (see above). However, I need new recommendations by 5/1/2017! 

If you are not familiar with PAEMST, please see this blogpost from 8/18/2012. Here's my blogpost about my 2013 application. Here's my blogpost about my 2015 application. BTW, my 2013 video is at the bottom of this post.

As you can see above, I'm resubmitting my 2015 class video. I won't bore you here with all 10 steps in the application. The boring parts involve verification of eligibility, proof of employment, school demographics, demographics for the class that was recorded, parental video consent forms, just to name a few requirements. 

The most important parts, after the video, are copied below for your viewing pleasure:
Essay aka Narrative summarizing the video, 
Supplemantary Documents for the Essay, 
Teacher Resume and 3 Recommendations. 

Everything has been updated except for the recommendations. So, I include here the 2015 recommendations.

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