Sunday, March 28, 2010

Congrats to I-CON on a job well done!

Thanx to the I-CON 29 Planing Committee, you brought I-CON back home to SUNY Stony Brook this past weekend with a bang!  Take a look at the program:
Of course, my Computing Independent Study class CIS(theta) had a 48 hour display at the Art Show in Javits 105.  You can see samples of our at and buy your own prints! We sold some prints and distributed some business cards (see below) in the Print Shop thanx to Jon Morgan who organized a great show!  Here's a list of all the artists in attendance (including me)!  I met Gary Lovelace,, who had great oil paintings and prints of fairies and nature themes.  I had to get a print for my daughter - she loved all the big fury animals and nature scenes! BTW, my next Art Show is for PI Day at Suffolk County Community College Grant Campus (where I-CON 28 was last year) on 4/17/2010.

We spent the day on Saturday at the Con itself. At 11:30 we saw The Physics Demonstration Show in SAC 304 with Dr. H. Takai who is a professor of Physics at SUNY Stony Brook. We missed the Chemistry Magic Show which was not in the program this year, but Dr. Takai gave a very fun and informative talk!
We were disappointed to find the I-CON BBQ gone so we went the the SAC Cafe where I got a free lunch since I fell on someone's chicken sandwich....
Then, at 1:30, we went to the SAC Auditorium to see Roberta Rogow - Filk GOH who was giving a very warm and intimate performance to a small group.  So, she taught us some choruses and we all joined in.

Right after Roberta, from 2-3pm, we saw Marc Gunn - Celtic Kilted Geek of celtic music fame,, in the same room.  He was fantastic!  Marc sang a lot of celtic stuff and even some Tom Lehrer (see above)!

Of course, we could not miss the Movie Previews with Bob Greenberger in Javits 102 from 3-4:30pm which is always a blast! Glenn Hauman was there, as ever, to assist.  Glenn was also on the Destinies Radio show  with Howard Margolin! I didn't have time to go to the authors' and scientists' panels I usually go to.  But, my favorite Star Trek novelist, Keith R. A. DeCandido, was one of the mystery guests on the 3/26/2010 Destinies show!

Then we saw a couple of Q&As in Javits 100 from the balcony: The Big Screen vs. The Small One - C. Carpenter, T. Todd at 4:30 and An Hour With Voltaire at 5:30.  Charisma Carpenter was the actress behind Cordellia in Buffy and Angel.  Tony Todd is well known for his Candy Man movies, but we love him as Captain Kurn, Worf's Brother on Star Trek TNG! 

Voltaire is a great filker as well as a professor at the School for Visual Arts in NYC where my son was just accepted for the freshman class next Fall!
We didn't have time for PC/Console gaming, board gaming or LARP.  I understand the PC/Console gaming was in ESS which is weird. What happened to the Computer Science building we always used to use?  Other gaming was in SAC A and B. It was sort of strange that the Dealers' Room in the Sports Complex was no longer at the center of the Con. BTW, we didn't see any martial arts or rocketry demos on the Physics Lawn this year. Also, this Anime and CosPlay stuff has got to go.  It's taking over the Con with a bunch of dressed-up weirdos. Where are all the Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, BattleStar Galactica or Caprica, LOTR and Narnia peeps? I only saw one good Klingon this year....

Then we went to the Suffolk Diner 'cause we were starving. Thanx Gabe & Jen, that was a great day! 


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