Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Calculus & Happy Newton's Day!

Merry Christmas

and Happy

New Year 2010!!!

Don't forget that Sir Isaac Newton himself was born on Christmas Day.  So, I'm still celebrating the 12 Days of Calculus.  In fact, the 12th Day of Calculus is January 5th.   Hopefully, my students will have an Epiphany by then and finally understand U-Substitutution!
My favorite Xmas gifts this year were all the latest Paul Nahin books with MATLAB code in them! These books will come in handy as I have my Computing Independent Study kids, CIS(theta), setting up an openMPI Linux Cluster using Sage, Octave & R to solve problems in Applied Math and Physics - ie: Scientific Computing.  
NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: My final project this year after the AP Calculus exam will be to investigate some of the problems from Nahin's Digital Dice using Octave.  Further, I resolve to use Sage and Octave more in class!
I also got a DVDR with dual VCR that I can use to convert old documentaries from VHS to DVD and even Youtube for classroom use!  I tried this some time ago with the following results.

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