Sunday, January 17, 2010

COMPUTING: Youtube Wednesdays still going strong! (teaching TI-83 BASIC)

I have a Computer Math class every Fall semester and an Advanced Computer Math class every Spring.  This is an introductory year for learning how to program, look at some algorithms and start a little Scientific Computing.  In the Fall, we use yabasic ( in Linux which is a lot like the old IBM BASICA and MS QBASIC.  We sometimes use MS VB6 or REALbasic (  In the Spring, we play around with a little C++. 
I like to do a final project the last 2 weeks or so of each semester that’s a little different each year.  This year, I installed WINE on our Fedora clients and installed VTI, the Virtual TI graphing calculator emulator.  So, I’m thinking of using what my students learned about yabasic to program a TI-83 at the end of this semester.  Then, I’d like to use what they learned about C++ to program a TI-89.

Take a look at the youtubes I embedded above with this article.  I showed one two weeks ago to wet my students’ appetite.  I showed the quadratic equation one this past week.  We’re going to write programs like these next week on our TI-83 emulators!  Unfortuantely, there aren’t any good youtubes on programming a TI-89.  As luck would have it, I can use my best seller on EBay:

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