Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thanx! (using donors to get equipment for my PC Classroom)

I finally have a brand new Sharp XR-32X Multimedia DLP XGA Projector that produces 2500 lumens with a 2200:1 contrast ratio.  Thank God, we can now view my Smart Notes without going blind. Here's my donor site,
This is all thanx to where I posted last year that I needed a new projector for all my Smart Board and YouTube work.  Two kind donors surfaced during the summer and funded the project. I confirmed the order in September, but the original item was out of stock.  I ordered the Sharp projector and got it in October.  However, its been sitting in a box until now as we didn’t have the right ceiling mount.  So, thanx also go to the Tech Dept for finally making me a decent mount!

I will be completing an online thank you packet this week on which involves my students writing thank you letters to the donors and my taking pictures of them using the projector with my Smart Airliner Slate.  I also have to get permission slips from the parents to display these pictures on their site.  Once this packet is complete, I get more points enabling me to ask for more funding!

Learning with Technology,

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