Saturday, November 14, 2009

Server Wars!

The tech dept decided to move my ftp server out of the office as it was getting noisy (needs a new fan).  So, to test things out, I just used putty off campus to ssh into the sftp server where my Computer Science students save their work.  I had no problem doing so, but when I did the same for the ftp server, putty timed out.  So, I sshed back into the sftp server and I tried to ping the ftp server internally but had no luck!

This is a huge problem as I share files with my Computer Science students via ftp.  Also, I store all my Smart Recordings of my Calculus classes on the ftp server too. 

If only I had my old server back with a larger hard drive, as promised a year ago, I could run all 3 services off the one server (ftp, sftp, apache).  You see, I had a third Linux sever, but it was taken out for service over a year ago as it needed a new fixed drive.  With a large hard drive, say 250GB or more, I could replace all 3 servers (each current only has 80GB fixed disks).  Note, this would only be a temporary fix as I need at least 2 servers for backups and failsafe redundancy.

Linux Servers:
centauri, ftp server, off-line
colossus, sftp server, on-line
guardian, apache server, on-vacation

BTW, we haven't done anything with apache since guardian went down.  So, if and when guardian returns, I think the third service will be SAGE instead.
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