Sunday, November 1, 2009

Look Ma, No Calculator!

Welcome to SDD 2009.1103:  
This will be a "Show & Tell" session where I show you how I teach math using technology without ever touching a calculator!  In Part I, I'll show you the old fashioned way using a TI-83 Graphing Calculator.  If you have a TI-83, please use it to follow along!  But that's SO last century...  So, in Part II, I'll show you how we do things in my classroom now-a-days using a Computer Algebra System!  I'll leave it up to you to pick and choose any techniques you think you may use in your classroom.

PART I: I will record a math lesson on something simple like quadratic equations in Windows using Smart Recorder + Smart Notebook + VTI as a Windows Media File for uploading to my FTP site (30 min).  

PART II: Then we'll reboot all the PCs in Linux with the SAGE CD and show how the same lesson can be done with a Computer Algebra System.  You can follow along using your own PC!  I will record this part of the session with and upload it to youtube (30 min).  

PART III: In summation, I'll share my website,  blog, youtube channel and zazzle digital art.  I will also show everyone how to use with any Mozilla clone so they won't need a SAGE CD (15 min).  
PARTY FAVORS: Everyone goes home with my URLs and their very own copy of the SAGE CD!

Teaching with Technology,

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