Saturday, November 14, 2009

Remodeling the PC Classroom?

OK, I started thinking about a new PC Classroom.  So, even if we don't move the PC Classroom from room 429 to room 622, I think we should do a little remodeling in 429 anyway.

The way I teach in 429, I really don't need a teacher's desk in the front of the room.  I usually teach from the back of the room using simply a keyboard when teaching programming or the Smart Airliner when teaching math.  This way I can see what everyone is doing so as to make sure everyone is on task.

So, why not create a "teacher center" in the back of the room?  In other words, move the teacher's desk to the back with the teacher PC.  That way, I don't have to take up a student's station when using the Smart Airliner and I have more space for all my books and notes while teaching.

Also, we could use a 2nd teacher PC in this new "teacher center" so one PC runs Linux only and the other PC runs Windows only all day.  Switching back and forth is very time consuming especially if another teacher needs the classroom the following period.  We would also need at least a video switch, if not a KVM switch that allows for just one keyboard, one mouse and one monitor controling both PCs, to easily change the PC Projector's source from the Linux PC to the Windows PC.

Now, the students' desks can move forward so there's room for this new "teacher center" in the back of the room and the students can better see the Projector Screen.  To further facilitate students' view from the back and sides of the room, I think we could also use flat screen monitors.

Last, but not least, we really need the new Projector Mount ASAP for the new PC Projector we got from since we are currently going blind trying to see what's on the Projector Screen now!

Learning with Technology,

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