Saturday, November 14, 2009

Meeting V

Today's Aim: Install Fest!
Tonight's Reading: Building Parallel Programs, Chapter 5
This Week's Research: PVM and MPI environments
Attending Tues: JeremyA, SteveB, DevinB (fedora install fest)
Attending Thurs: JeremyA, SteveB, DevinB, ArthurD (bzflag stuff)
This Tuesday we are finally reinstalling the Linux Partitions on all the PC clients in our PC Classroom.  We have 64-bit AMD Athlon dualcores, so we are using the Fedora 11 64-bit liveCD to do the reinstall over the KNOPPIX 5.3.1 32-bit liveDVD installation we currently have.  

We will also have a make-up meeting this Thursday when we will burn a class set of the Fedora 11 Games liveDVD for our BZFlag LAN Party the day before turkey day!

Happy Clustering,

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