Sunday, April 14, 2013

Teaching Math 5HBC: Unit 12 Vector/Polar!

Teaching Math 5HBC: Unit 12 Vector/Polar! 

AP Calculus BC started Unit 12, our last unit, this week. Unit 12 started with a discussion of vectors and parametric notation. Then we talked about polar graphs. We calculated polar area using a Riemann argument based on circular sectors. We also found dy/dx converting from vector to parametric mode! We have only one topic left: polar arc length using paramtrics!

We will review an old MCQ Monday BC Part IB next week! This is part of the Final Exam for the preTEST/postTEST model of the new Teacher Evaluation System!

Here's our ScreenCasts and SmartNotes for this week:

mySlideShare SmartNotes

mySAGE code for MATH5HBC2012!

Well, that's all folks!
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