Sunday, April 7, 2013

Teaching Math 4R: Chapter 12 - Sequences and Series! 

preCalculus for Seniors started Chapter 12 the week before break (3/18/13-3/22/13) and nearly finished the week after break (4/1/13-4/5/13)! We talked about sequences vs. series, finite vs. infinite series, geometric vs. arithmetic and proof by induction! Next week we'll talk about The Binomial Expansion Series. 

We also tried doing this unit without a Graphing Calculator like the TI-83 we're used to. I showed my students a Computer Algebra System called SAGE. SAGE is based on the python programming language and is very easy to use. SAGE is a free online mathematical programming environment like Mathematica and MATLAB. The ScreenCast below is a playlist including videos from last year using the TI-83 and new videos from this year using SAGE.

Here's our ScreenCasts and SmartNotes for this week:

mySlideShare SmartNotes
mySage code for MATH4R2012

Well, that's all folks!
Teaching with Technology, 

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