Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Calculus 2017-2018: Work, Ln(x), Exp(x) and DiffEqus! (December)

Calculus 2017-2018:
Work, Ln(x), Exp(x) and DiffEqus! 

UNIT 7 ScreenCast

UNIT07 started with the concept of calculating work in Foot-Pounds or Newton-Meters. Then we finally got to derivatives and integrals involving ln(x), e^x and a^x. We finished off with some Variable Separable DiffEqus involving ln(x) and e^x. We also started talking about Slope Fields and applications of DiffEqus such as Exponential Growth and Decay plus Newton's Law of Heating and Cooling.

1st YouTube Wednesday: Tom Lehrer

December YouTube Wednesdays

December Carols!

preCalculus (period 9) went to Volleyball!

Well, that's all folks!
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