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CIS(theta), 2016-2017 October Meeting: Ubuntu Install Fest!

CIS(theta), 2016-2017 
October Meeting: Ubuntu Install Fest!

We reinstalled the back row of our PC Classroom/Lab with the newest version of Ubuntu Desktop 16.10 Yakkety Yak 64bit!

Wine did not open windows executables from permissions anymore so we needed executable scripts for our TI Graphing Calculator emulators, Wabbit and kArmTI. We may even add Wabbit to the startup apps menu.

Apt-get couldn't find kate or wine-stable on some PCs after a fresh install. That's odd, since all the PCs were installed exactly the same way. Anyway, we'll have to change the software sources in the Ubuntu Software Center (USC) in some cases before we using apt-get or dpkg.

We hit only one major snag. Teamveiwer would not install as Yakkety Yak sees it as a 32bit application. The Teamviewer website says we should download the multiarch version for Ubuntu 16.10 but we still had no joy! We tried using USC to install the *.deb file, maybe we should try:
sudo dpkg -i teamviewerxxx.deb
We may try the instructions here.

(01)Download the latest Ubuntu.
(02)Burn the ISO file to DVD with Brasero.
(03)Reboot PC with DVD.
(04)Install to Linux Partition by script.
(05)Reboot Linux Partition.
(06)Tweak Appearance
(07)Tweak Brightness
(08)Configure Network
Method: Manual
Proxy: Manual/ (optional)
(09)Configure Printers + jetdirect (laser printer) + jetdirect (color laser printer)
(10)sudo chmod 700 /usr/games/*
(11)sudo apt-get update
(12)sudo apt-get upgrade
(13a)install WINE for the emulators 
sudo apt-get install wine-stable
(13b)install Kate for color laser printer 
sudo apt-get install kate
(14a)copy WABBIT directory to Home
(14b)copy TI84C.rom to WABBIT directory
(14c)write executable shell script to run
(14d)copy KARMTI directory to Home
(14e)copy boot string into KARMTI
(14f)write executable shell script to run
(15a)add firefox tab for SAGE 
(15b)add firefox tab for HOC 
(15c)add firefox tab for SOCRATIVE
(16)install TeamViewer (d/l from website)


Membership (alphabetic by first name):
CIS(theta) 2016-2017: 
DanielD(12), JevanyI(12), JuliaL(12), MichaelC(12) , MichaelS(12), YaminiN(12)

CIS(theta) 2015-2016: 
BenR(11), BrandonL(12), DavidZ(12), GabeT(12), HarrisonD(11), HunterS(12), JacksonC(11), SafirT(12), TimL(12)

CIS(theta) 2014-2015: 
BryceB(12), CheyenneC(12), CliffordD(12), DanielP(12), DavidZ(12), GabeT(11), KeyhanV(11), NoelS(12), SafirT(11)

CIS(theta) 2013-2014: 
BryanS(12), CheyenneC(11), DanielG(12), HarineeN(12), RichardH(12), RyanW(12), TatianaR(12), TylerK(12)

CIS(theta) 2012-2013: 
Kyle Seipp(12)

CIS(theta) 2011-2012: 
Graham Smith(12), George Abreu(12), Kenny Krug(12), LucasEager-Leavitt(12)

CIS(theta) 2010-2011: 
David Gonzalez(12), Herbert Kwok(12), Jay Wong(12), Josh Granoff(12), Ryan Hothan(12)

CIS(theta) 2009-2010: 
Arthur Dysart(12), Devin Bramble(12), Jeremy Agostino(12), Steve Beller(12)

CIS(theta) 2008-2009: 
Marc Aldorasi(12), Mitchel Wong(12)

CIS(theta) 2007-2008: 
Chris Rai(12), Frank Kotarski(12), Nathaniel Roman(12)

CIS(theta) 1988-2007: 
A. Jorge Garcia, Gabriel Garcia, James McLurkin, Joe Bernstein, ... too many to mention here!

Happy Clustering,

Well, that's all folks,
A. Jorge Garcia
Applied Math, Physics and CS
2015 NYS Secondary Math PAEMST Nominee

Happy Linux Clustering, 
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