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AP Computer Science 2016-2017: Objects & Types (October)

AP Computer Science 2016-2017:
Objects & Types
Our Java Boot Camp has slowed down a bit. This month, we finished Chapter 3: Writing Simple Classes and Chapter 4: Primitive Data Types. We now just started Chapter 5: Conditional Statements!

We're also upgrading the PC classroom to Ubuntu 16.10 64bit Desktop. We hit a little snag, however. The current version of Teamviewer uses multiarch, but 16.10 won't install it....

MCQ Mondays will have to wait until November. The students need to get a few more chapters under their belts before practicing for the AP Exam with real MCQs! 

TakeHome Tuesday is also all about review for the AP Exam. However, these take home exams only cover 1 or 2 chapters at a time. These exams are good practice as they are like mini AP Exams: 10 MCQs + 2 FRQs.

Chapter 3 ScreenCasts
We started OOP in Chapter 3. Now we are writing and testing our own classes. We talked about writing our own Constructor, Accessor and Mutator methods. We also talked alot about Abstraction and Encapsulation. We even used javadoc to document our code!

Chapter 4 ScreenCasts
We talked about int vs float vs double in Chapter 4. Our discussions revolved around the differences between 2 Byte, 4 Byte and 8 Byte data types. Bits, Bytes and Words were mentioned as well as Kilo vs Kibi, Mega vs Mebi, Giga vs Gibi, etc.

Grace Hopper YouTube Wednesday 10/12/16

Grace Hopper YouTube Wednesday 10/26/16

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