Thursday, October 29, 2015

AP CompSci 2015-2016 October: Fast as a speeding bullet!

AP CompSci 2015-2016 October

Fast as a speeding bullet!
Finally, all our internet and intranet issues have been addressed. I can usually fix mos hardware, firmware and software issues in my room. However, the problem stemed from networking issues feeding my room that I could not control. The only thing we're waiting on is an external IP so my students could finish some projects from home. I'm told that the Gremlins are working on it! Patience is a virtue after all....

We are working on CH3 Making Our Own Classes. So we have finally graduated from OBP (Object Based Programming using pre-existing java classes) to OOP (Object Oriented Programming making our own classes). We're at the point in the course where we're making our own Constructor, Accessor and Mutator Methods. So we are abstracting and encapsulating our data. We're not quite up to Inheritance and Polymorphism but we're getting there. Soon, we'll start a unit on Bits&Bytes, aka Binary Arithmetic and Truth Tables!

Weeks 3&4 = Boolean Algebra!
We will soon continue our Labs with CH4 Primitive Data Types, CH5 Conditionals, CH5 Iteration and CH6 Arrays. But first, we are playing around with Binary Arithmetic. We started by converting to Base 10, then converting from Base 10. Then we started counting, adding and subtracting in other bases. Yesterday we started playing with integers! This is all leading up to Truth Tables and Logical Circuits next week.

Weeks 5 = Week Of Darkness!
We finished our discussion of Boolean Arithmetic with Truth Tables and Logic Circuit Diagrams. We call it the "Week Of Darkness" as we shut off all the power and the lights in the room this whole unit, except for the SmartBoard, as we are not coding at all this week.

Gracey of Letterman!
Back To The Future Day 10/21/2015!
Tom Lehrer's The Elements

AP Computer Science + JAVA
Well, that's all folks!

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