Sunday, September 16, 2012

CIS(theta) 2012-2013 - Administrativa - Meeting I

We had our traditional first organizational meeting:

(1) Wreath of the Unknown Server: We visited our first ssh server, Colossus, which is still in the switch room though dormant. I set it up for the first time in 1995 running Slackware Linux. Colossus ran for 12 years straight, 24x7 never having to shut down, reboot or even have anything re-installed!

(2) Display Case Unveiled: We took down a ton of fractal prints and ray tracings from ROom 429 to the 2 cases on the 1st floor near the art wing. We decorated both cases as best we could and left before anyone saw us. Must have been gremlins.

(3) Recruiting 2012: We decided that we did not have a good pool of candidates to recruit more CIS(theta) members for this year's Geek Squad, so we tabled that topic.

(4) Planing 2012: Next meeting would have been 9/28 but that's Yum Kipur. So, we have to wait another 2 weeks after that for 10/10 at which point Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 64bit release 12.10 Desktop Edition should be available for a mini install fest. After that, we may use bootable cluster Linux CD distros to learn MPI.
What we are researching I (Sept)
(look what this school did in the 80s and 90s): 
Thomas Jefferson High courses
Thomas Jefferson High paper
Thomas Jefferson High ftp
Thomas Jefferson High teacher
Today's Topic:
CIS(theta) 2012-2013 - Administrativa! - Meeting 1
Today's Attendance:
CIS(theta) 2012-2013: Kyle Seipp
Today's Reading:
Chapter 1: Building Parallel Programs (BPP) using clusters and parallelJava
Membership (alphabetic by first name):
CIS(theta) 2012-2013: Kyle Seipp
CIS(theta) 2011-2012: Graham Smith, George Abreu, Kenny Krug, LucasEager-Leavitt
CIS(theta) 2010-2011: David Gonzalez, Herbert Kwok, Jay Wong, Josh Granoff, Ryan Hothan
CIS(theta) 2009-2010: Arthur Dysart*, Devin Bramble, Jeremy Agostino, Steve Beller
CIS(theta) 2008-2009: Marc Aldorasi, Mitchel Wong*
CIS(theta) 2007-2008: Chris Rai, Frank Kotarski, Nathaniel Roman
CIS(theta) 1988-2007: A. Jorge Garcia, Gabriel Garcia, James McLurkin, Joe Bernstein, ... too many to mention here!
Well, that's all folks, enjoy!

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