Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quarter III, Week 8&9: ScreenCasts, SmartNotes and Code, oh my!

Last week, BC Calculus finised a unit on Power Series. preCalculus finished a unit on Matrix Algebra. AP Computer Science revisited GridWorld. Our Youtube Wednesday was a modern version of "The Powers of 10" as seen above. This week was only a 3 day week with preTests on Monday, Tests on Tuesday and GameDay on Wednesday. I use GameDay for students to do make up and for extra credit work.
AP Calculus BC finished Chapter 11 talking about MacLaurin vs. Taylor Power Series. We stressed the importance of the Ratio Test and Intervals of Convergence. We even talked about the Alternating Series Test Error and the Lagrange Error terms.

preCalculus for Seniors finished Chapter 11 on Matrix Algebra including Augmented Matrices, Cramer's Rule and the Inverse matrix!

AP Computer Science revisited GridWorld Part 1, finished Part 2 and started part 3
Calculus Research Lab continued Riemann Sums! We finished the Derivatives text and started the AntiDerivatives text. We will also use the Differential Equations text. These texts are all free PDFs from
CRL 1.3 Reimann Sums Intro

HTH and I hope you enjoyed this week's notes!

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