Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quarter III, Week 6: ScreenCasts, SmartNotes and Code, oh my!

MCQ Monday was just a review of 2003 BC Part IB in Calculus class. We had Staff Development Day on Tuesday. Wednesday was YouTube Wednesday and PI Day! Next Youtube Wednesday we'll revisit the Powers of 10, this time a modern version with Morgan Freeman narrating. Thursday was Meet 3 of the Calculus Division in the Continental Mathematics League! After 2 meets, we are #1 in NYS and in the 90th percentile for the TriState. Think-a-lot Thursday and FRQ Friday were about Augmented Matrices in preCalculus. 

AP Calculus BC started Unit 10 with Improper Integrals. We will soon start sequences and series of constants and convergence tests. Unit 11 will use these concepts to introduce Power Series. Unit 12 will revisit Vectors, Parametrics and Polar notation! Then its off the AP Review and AP Week already?

preCalculus for Seniors started Chapter 11 with Augmented Matrices!

AP Computer Science continued the Chess960 project on arrays with version 4. This latest version will read the file 960.txt generated by version 3 and output one board at random from the file. We will then introduce 2D static arrays to represent an entire board and record a game!

Version 1 generates a Fischer Random chess board!
Version 2 refactors version 1. Version 3 generates 960 random boards stored in a file. Version 4 reads that output file and prints 1 board. Here's all 960 combos! Calculus Research Lab continued Riemann Sums! 
CRL 1.3 Reimann Sums Intro

HTH and I hope you enjoyed this week's notes!

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