Saturday, March 10, 2012

Teaching AP Calculus: Gotta Love that Harvard Calculus!

I just finished a huge unit in my AP Calculus BC class on Integration Methods (inverse trig, trig sub, by parts and partial fractions) and Differential Equations (variable separable vs. Slope Fields).  I've been using the Demana Waits Finney Thomas text since the first edition in 1995. We recently got the 4th edition of Demana Waits Kennedy. These texts are great. However, when teaching Differential Equations, I thought I'd try using the Deborah Hughes-Hallett text that I use in my Summer class at the local college. This text has a lot of nice real world applications in the homework sets and has a very nice approach when presenting Slope Fields and Euler's Method. What follows are some of my ScreenCasts and SmartNotes from class related to the Harvard text, enjoy! BTW, this applies to AB and BC Calculus. If you are only interested in AB Calculus, please skip the parts on Logistics and Partial Fractions as well as Euler's Method.

Well, that's all folks!

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