Thursday, September 8, 2011

School Week 1: The Code! Computer Math, Computer Science and Calculus Research Lab

We are off to a great start this year! Here's the Code from this week. It's like we never left...

The Computer Science students were getting used to Linux and out SSH server. 

We wrote the standard class.

Then we added a little String[] args input!

I happened to mention that I've been teaching Computer Programming since 1975, High School Math and Science since 1984 and College Math and Computing since 1993. Also, I've been teaching AP Computer Science since 1988, AP Calculus since 1993 and AP Physics since 1998.

We introduced GUI or Graphical User Interface (aka WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get) as well as a CLI or Command Line Interface (aka WYWIWYM = What You Write Is What You Mean) access to their *.java files. We talked about the robustness and portability of Java (aka WORM = Write Once Run Many). We also introduced several Linux CLI commands (cd, ls, mkdir, passwd, java, javac, etc). We created, edited, saved, printed, translated and interpreted files too.

In Computer Math and Calculus Research Lab, we introduced SAGE. Computer Math will be focusing on using SAGE to learn python programming as well as Discrete Mathematics. Calculus Research Lab will use SAGE to investigate concepts in Calculus via a CAS (Computer Algebra System).

We started with a bit of Arithmetic showing the 7 operators in Python:

Then we introduced a bit of Algebra using factor(), solve() and plot():

HTH, I hope you enjoyed this week's Code!

Learning with Technology, 

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