Thursday, April 15, 2010

LIMACON 2010 Eve...

Oh, boy, setting up for LIMACON is proving to be a bear!  I just finished putting together 30 presentation folders I will be handing out at my talk "Look Ma, No Calculator!"  Each folder has a SAGE CD, a Business Card and a Flyer describing the talk.  I put these in a large canvas tote bag along with some of my notes on programming TI Graphing Calculators and SAGE.
I jammed my laptop bag with a Dell Studio 1750 with charger as well as my Radio Shack 170Mhz Lapel Mic and charger (in case the laptop mic fails or I need to be more mobile) and my Smart Airliner Slate and charger plus bluetooth dongle.  I'm leaving everything charging over night too.
I have Smart Notebook and VTI installed on the laptop as well as a copy of the flyer on the desktop so I can display it during the presentation.  I have Chrome installed too so I can use SAGE online.  If that fails, I can use the SAGE CD!  I even have my Smart Notebook CDs and security codes in case the laptop fails and I need to use the PC Podium as is....

Wish me luck! 

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