Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Calculus 2017-2018: Infinite Sequences and Series (February)

Calculus 2017-2018:
Infinite Sequences and Series

UNIT 10 ScreenCasts

UNIT10 was all about establishing the convergence or divergence of infinite sequences and series of Real constants with all positive terms. 

I used to have a separate UNIT09 about Improper Integrals. Now I combine UNIT09 with UNIT10. So, UNIT10 starts with a discussion of Improper Integrals. Then we talk about p-Integrals so when we get to the Integral Test, Improper Integration and p-Series are easy! 

We also talk about Geometric Series and Alternating Series. Then we play with the Divergence Test, The Comparison Test, The Ratio Test and the Root Test. Once we have Series of constants down, next UNIT11 on Power Series will be a snap when testing the end points of our intervals of convergence!

1st YouTube Wednesday: Space Oddity!

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