Monday, May 1, 2017

Filk Friday!

Filk Friday! 
A few years ago, we started an Ancient Tradition in my AP classes, namely: Filk Friday!

What is Filk Friday? It's the Friday before our first AP Exam week each year. What we do is stop AP review briefly and catch our breath. To accomplish this state of relaxation and euphoria, we watch a few filks!

I do this in all my classes since my preCalulus students are burnt out from AP Review in other classes too!

The first 2 videos you see above are for AP Calculus BC. We also have our Continental Mathematics League Awards ceremony.

Videos 3-5 above are related to AP Computer Science. 

The last 3 videos are for preCalculus as we just started doing a bit of Caclulus proper.
Hope you enjoyed letting off some steam before your AP Exams!

Well, that's all folks! 


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