Saturday, April 29, 2017

preCalculus 2016-2017: Polynomials & Rational Functions (April)

preCalculus 2016-2017:
Polynomials & Rational Functions

Wow, we finished preCalculus! We're starting Calculus soon, stay tuned. We did Chapter 4 about polynomial factoring first. Then we did Chapter 3 about Rational functions. I like to end the course this way as a warm up to Calculus. I get to start talking about limits at a point (holes and vertical asymptotes) and limits at infinity (horizontal asymptotes) before we actually start doing Calculus with the limit of the Difference Quotient! 

BTW, if I had my druthers, I'd do the whole course backwards starting with Chapter 12 about Sequences and Series. That's a great way to start if you are using a Computer Algebra System like SAGE (like Mathematica but based on lists and python) or Octave (like MATLAB based on arrays). I've done that in prior years, I may do that next year with some extra python coding!
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