Monday, February 27, 2017

AP Calculus BC 2016-2017: Advanced Integration & Series (February)

AP Calculus BC 2016-2017:
Advanced Integration & Series

UNIT 08 
UNIT08 starts with L'Hopital's Rule as we'll need it soon to take care of indeterminate forms when finding intervals of convergence! However, this unit was primarily about advanced integration techniques such as Trig Sub, Integration By Parts, Partial Fractions and applications to Variable Separable Differential Equations!

UNIT 09 
There is no UNIT09 as it used to be about Improper Integration, but now I do that in UNIT10 so we can develop the Integral Test!

In UNIT10 we learned about Improper Integrals and when they converged. We had fun with a number of Gabriel's Horn problems. Then we developed a theory of P-Integrals. Armed with these tools we then developed a number of tests to prove convergence of Series of Constants with all Positive Terms!

YouTube Wednesday: Antikythera on Nova!

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