Friday, December 2, 2016

preCalculus, Calculus and CompSci Carols, Oh My!

preCalculus, Calculus and CompSci Carols, Oh My!

Happy Holidays!
Here we go again!
It's time for Calculus Carols!

Every year, the day after Thanksgiving Break, I give my Calculus class a Calculus Carols Song Book. Every day, before December Break, we sing one song from the book. We sing every day so as to practice, aka rehearse, the songs for our Caroling Day before break. Every period on Caroling Day, we go all over the school and sing these songs to anyone who would listen! 

The Calculus Carols Song Book includes holiday Filks related to Calculus that previous years' students have contributed or that we just copied off the web. You can listen to some Filks created by my students in the YouTube videos included herein. Unfortunately, we never did get around to including these songs in the song book. We should probably get on that!

What's a Filk you ask? This term is commonly used at Science Fiction and Fact conventions referring to a recognizable tune where the words have been changed to make a statement or to poke fun at something. In our case, we poke fun at math class! Filking is a huge genre onto itself. There's even Filker Of The Year awards at all the top conventions!

However, during the past few years, my preCalculus students also wanted a song book, so we've been developing one of late. Oh, you guessed it, my CompSci students wanted in this year too! So, what you find including in this blog post is a set of 3 song books. One for preCalculus, one for Calculus and another for CompSci class. We wanted a dozen songs in each book but we couldn't find enough songs, so some of the songs overlap from book to book. Be warned, however, the CompSci Carols are mostly Tom Lehrer songs and not all holiday themed. Enjoy!

Well, that's all folks,
A. Jorge Garcia

Applied Math, Physics and CS
2017 NYS Secondary Math PAEMST Nominee

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