Friday, May 13, 2016

AP CompSci 2015-2016 May: Recursion (LAST POST))!

AP CompSci 2015-2016 May

Recursion (LAST POST)!
After AP Week, we have Game Day every other day. In between, we're finishing the labs we didn't get to before the AP Exam. 

The CollegeBoard recommends 20 hours of labs for the whole year. We do that nearly every month! We had a slow start with netowrking issues all of September. SO, we didn't cover all the labs we usually do. 

However, we did cover all the material on the AP Exam as far as our PPTs, TakeHomes and AP Review. So, as you can see below, we completed a project on Recursion!

We'll that's our last post. Hope you learned a lot! Have great Summer!

APCS 2016 Period 06
Playing BZFlag.
You will be missed!

Doodling in Math Class?

AP Computer Science + JAVA

Well, that's all folks!

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