Friday, February 26, 2016

Calculus BC 2015-2016 February: Series Of Constants!

Calculus BC 2015-2016 February

Series Of Constants!
UNIT10 was all about Convergence Tests for Series Of All Positive Terms. First we made a tool box of series known to converge: geometric series, p-series, etc. Then we developed the Comparison Test using these known series. When the Comparison Test was hard, we turned to the Integral Test. When all else fails, we used a Rho Test (Ratio or Root).

The rest of February will be about UNIT11 Power Series. May will be about UNIT12 Vector/Polar and AP Exam Review! The next 3 Socrative Mondays will be about BC Part IA and IB MCQ practice. Then the last 3 Mondays are MCQ Monday Mock AP Exams.

Who discovered Calculus?

Calculus BC + TI-nSpire CX CAS

Well, that's all folks!

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