Thursday, November 19, 2015

AP CompSci 2015-2016 November: Primitive Data Types!

AP CompSci 2015-2016 November

Primitive Data Types!
In CH4 we talked about when to use ints vs doubles. We introduced the Math class in particular and Static classes in general. We also talked about different types of input: args[], Scanner, JOptionPane. Last, but not least, we played with the Integer class a bit: parseInt(), MAX_VALUE, MIN_VALUE. Next week is the week before Thanksgiving and we should be done with Lab 4. We have Take Home FRQS on Tuesday and Game Day on Wednesday! BTW, before every Take Home Tuesday, we do 10 MCQs for practice on Socrative!

What we know so far (CH1-Ch4+BIN):
What's a Class?
What's an Object?
What's a Method?
How do we use args[] (commandline input)?
How do we use Scanner (terminal input)?
How do we use JOptionPane (GUI input)?
What's Encapsulation?
What's Abstraction?
How do we use the String (immutable) class?
How do we use the Math (static) class?
How do we use the Integer (container) class?
What's a private instance field?
What's a final?
What's a Constructor?
What's an Accessor?
What's a Mutator?
What's javac, java, javadoc, appletviewer?
What's jdk, jre?
What's BIN, OCT, DEC, HEX?

What's coming up next?
CH05: Conditional Statements
CH06: Iteration aka Loops
CH07: 2D and 3D Static Arrays and ArrayLists
CH10: Inheritance
CH11: Polymorphism
CH18: Recursion
CH19: Searching and Sorting Algorithms

Watson on NOVA!

AP Computer Science + JAVA




Well, that's all folks!

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