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Teaching Math 5H UNIT 4 Applications of Differentiation, Quarter I, Week 7

Teaching Math 5H
UNIT 4 Applications of Differentiation

Quarter I Week 7: 10/21-10/25
We started UNIT 4: Application of Differentiation this week. We started talking about IVT, MVT, Min/Max and Optimization!

Quarter I Week 6: 10/14-10/18
This week we finished UNIT 3 with a discussion of the Chain Rule, Implicit Differentiation, Min/Max and Related Rates.

Quarter I Week 5: 10/07-10/11
Out sick.... However, I did start using DropBox, see below!

Quarter I Week 4: 9/30-10/04
We started UNIT 3 about Differentiation! We derived the Product and Quotient Rules. We did all 6 Trig Rules. We started talking about the Chain Rule.

Quarter I Week 3: 9/23-9/27
We finished UNIT 2 with a test! Our last topic concerned the existence of the derivative. BTW, we start with UNIT 2 since UNIT 1 is just a review of PreCalculus. We did a bit of that in 106 and 107 on Conics and Polar Notation.

Quarter I Week 2: 9/16-9/20
We are almost finished with UNIT 2: Continuity and Differentiablility! We demostrated the Power Rule using the Definition of the Derivative as the limit of the Difference Quotient. We even started the Trig Rules!

Quarter I Week 1: 9/9-9/13
AP Calculus BC started with a preCalc review in the form of the topic of Conic Sections! This is a great topic to review Cartesian and Polar Coordinates, as well as some algebra, trig and TI89 usage!

YouTube Wednesdays this month are about Admiral Grace Murray Hopper! The first video is linked above as it's not on YouTube anymore, CBS had me remove it.... I have the original in 2-6 minute clips. So, we watched the 1st half the week before I got sick and the 2nd half this week.

This week's YouTube Wednesday saw Gracey on Letterman right after she retired from the Navy.

ScreenCasts and SmartNotes and Code, 
oh my:
Below, you will usually find ScreenCasts from this week. SmartNotes are from a previous year's TI89 based course. We don't code much in this class except for programming the TI89.
UNIT 4 Applications of Differentiation:

SAGE Worksheets: MATH5H2013

SmartNotes and Assignments:
2013 Calculus DropBox

Well, that's all folks!


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