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CIS(theta) 2013-2014 October Meeting II Linux Install Fest Again!

CIS(theta) 2013-2014 
Meeting II
Linux Install Fest Again!
I downloaded 8 copies the latest version of Ubuntu Desktop 32bit ISO: 13.10 Saucy Salamander. Then I burned 8 DVDs and reinstalled the Linux partition on the second row of 8 PCs in our classroom. The geek squad did all the tweaks this time! 

We are having a massive problem with VTI running under WINE. It's so slow as to be unusable. We have to figure out a solution. Maybe 13.04 is better? Or maybe I can get WINE's direct ppa and use their latest version?

Another problem is that we have a SAGE directory on the Desktop extracted from the latest compiled version of SAGE. In there we have a SAGE bash script. I usually make it executable and students can just click it to run SAGE. In 13.10, the script will not execute, the script just opens in gedit even though I made the file executable. I even ran "which bash" to see if bash moved (it did) so I could update the #! line but still no joy!

How about an alias like:
echo "alias sage=$HOME/Desktop/SAGE/sage" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

Meeting I
Linux Install Fest!
We downloaded 8 copies the latest version of Ubuntu Desktop 64bit ISO: 13.10 Saucy Salamander. Then we burned 8 DVDs and reinstalled the Linux partition on the first row of 8 PCs in our classroom. I did all the tweaks the following day.
Next week I'll reinstall the 2nd row and the Geek Squad will do all the tweaks. I like to keep the Student Stations very simple. So, we will only tweak as follows:
(1) configure Network (eth0, proxy)
(2) configure Appearence and Brightness 
(3) configure Printers
(4) sudo apt-get update (after setting sources to main).
(5) sudo apt-get upgrade
(6) install WINE
(7) copy VTI to the desktop
(8) extract SAGE to the desktop
September: Administrativa!
Meeting I
(1) Wreath of the Unknown Server: We visited our first ssh server, Colossus, which is still in the switch room though dormant. I set it up for the first time in 1995 running Slackware Linux. Colossus ran for 12 years straight, 24x7 never having to shut down, reboot or even have anything re-installed!
(2) Display Case Unveiled: We took down a ton of fractal prints and ray tracings from Room 429 to the 2 cases on the 1st floor near the art wing. We decorated both cases as best we could and left before anyone saw us. Must have been gremlins.
(3) Recruiting: We decided that we have more than enough qualified CIS(theta) members for this year's Geek Squad, so we tabled that topic.
(4) Planning: We have to wait another 2 weeks 10/4 at which point Ubuntu 13.10 Desktop Edition should be available for a mini install fest. After that, we may use bootable cluster Linux CD distros such as BCCD and pelicanHPC to learn MPI using C++ or Python. We also talked about installing an MPI stack on each hdd along with public key authenticated ssh. We would like to make a fractal zoom animation.
(5) Summary: This year's CIS(theta) team is off to a good start. Shadowfax, our 100 core cluster, is in good hands!
What we are researching II (Oct+Nov)
What we are researching I (Sept)
Look what this school did in the 80s: 
Thomas Jefferson High courses
Thomas Jefferson High paper
Thomas Jefferson High ftp
Thomas Jefferson High teacher
Today's Topic:
CIS(theta) 2013-2014 - Linux Install Fest! - Meeting 1
Today's Attendance:
CIS(theta) 2013-2014: Taty absent
Today's Reading:
Chapter 2: Building Parallel Programs (BPP)
Membership (alphabetic by first name):
CIS(theta) 2013-2014: BryanS, CheyenneC, DanielG, HarineeN, RichardH, RyanW, TatianaR, TylerK
CIS(theta) 2012-2013: Kyle Seipp
CIS(theta) 2011-2012: Graham Smith, George Abreu, Kenny Krug, LucasEager-Leavitt
CIS(theta) 2010-2011: David Gonzalez, Herbert Kwok, Jay Wong, Josh Granoff, Ryan Hothan
CIS(theta) 2009-2010: Arthur Dysart, Devin Bramble, Jeremy Agostino, Steve Beller
CIS(theta) 2008-2009: Marc Aldorasi, Mitchel Wong
CIS(theta) 2007-2008: Chris Rai, Frank Kotarski, Nathaniel Roman
CIS(theta) 1988-2007: A. Jorge Garcia, Gabriel Garcia, James McLurkin, Joe Bernstein, ... too many to mention here!

Well, that's all folks!

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