Saturday, June 22, 2013

LACS 2013 Continued - Summer Project IV

Life After Computer Science: Java Graphics!

We started our final project last week: "Life After Computer Science 2013." We're using the class from Princeton CS 101 to do some graphics. I want to develop some new graphics based projects to use through out the year next year. In a couple of years, the APCS Case Study will be a thing of the past, so I can do a lot more with my own labs once again!

My Summer Project will include finishing some more of these lessons for next year! Stay tuned...

Our Own Graphing Calculator (TI-83):

Some Animation (like VPython in 2D): (animation, loops and/or arrays) (animated parametrics) (nbody problems)


Our Own Turtle Class (like (Brownian Motion) (Geometry) (Strings) (Recursion) (Recursion)

XTRAS: (Automata) (Recursion) (Fractals) (Fractals) (Fractals)

myPasteBin code for APCS2012
myProgramr code for APCS2012

Well, that's all folks!
Teaching with Technology, 

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