Saturday, May 25, 2013

Teaching Math 5HBC: LAC2013 Complete!

Teaching Math 5HBC: LAC2013 Complete!

Fare thee well, my Seniors, you will be missed!

A couple of weeks ago, we started our "Life After Calculus 2013" final project. We focused on loose ends that I think should be in BC Calculus: Euler's Identity, Second Order DiffEqus, Hooke's Law, Air Resistance and Power Series Solutions! I used to cover Simultaneous DiffEqus with Slope Fields modeling competing populations during LAC, but I covered that earlier in the year this year.

Last week we ScreenCasted how to learn Calculus with SAGE! We ran out of time. So, I will continue UNIT3-UNIT12 at a later date. I'm preparing these Calculus Units on SAGE for a presentation at T^3 Molloy College 11/1/13. 

My Summer Project will include finishing UNITS 3-12 for my T^3 presentation at Molloy College next year. I will also update my EBay store with electronic copy on CD only based on this project! Stay tuned...

This week we finished our Post AP Exam Math Movie Madness with "A Beautiful Mind!"

ScreenCasts and SmartNotes and Code:

LAC2013 Day 06: Trig

LAC2013 Day 07: More Trig

LAC2013 Day 08: Calculus UNIT 1

LAC2013 Day 09: Calculus UNIT 2

mySlideShare SmartNotes
mySAGE code for MATH5HBC2012!

Well, that's all folks!
Teaching with Technology, 

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