Sunday, January 27, 2013

Teaching AP Computer Science: Starting CH7+8 Loops and Arrays!

Teaching AP Computer Science: Starting CH7+8 Loops and Arrays! 

We lost so much class time due to Sandy that I may have to use GridWorld to teach certain concepts that I would normally teach from our text. We can cover iteration, arrays, inheritance and polymorphism in a GridWorld centric curriculum. We finished Parts I-III from BoxBug thru Jumper.

We're taking a break from GridWorld for now. We're returning to Cay Horstmann's masterful text, Java Concepts. Chapters 7 and 8 are about Loops and Arrays respectively. We are writing a class called Roman right now with static arrays to do arithmetic with Roman Numerals! Then we'll work on the ShoeLace class using the ShowLace algorithm and ArrayLists to find the area of polygons based on vector cross products. Finally, we'll write to generate random chess boards and record chess games with a mix of static arrays and ArrayLists as well a 1D and 2D arrays!

We are postponing Take Home Tuesdays. We are not ready for Take Home #4 as yet since its about iteration and loops. After GW Part III we will do some labs on that then some more take homes.

There's no new videos this week. We will be posting Roman, ShoeLace and Chess960 on

Here's our ScreenCasts and Code for this last week:

myPasteBin code for APCS2012
myProgramr code for APCS2012

Well, that's all folks!
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