Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quarter I, Weeks 8&9 + Quarter II, Week 1: ScreenCasts, SmartNotes, Code and Hurricane Sandy, oh my!

UPDATE: Wednesday 11/7/12 
This post covers Quarter II Week 1, Quarter I Week 9 as well as Quarter I Week 8 (the only week with any instruction listed below) since Hurricane Sandy shut Baldwin SHS down for 5 days (Monday 10/29/12 - Friday 11/2/12)! So, I suppose Quarter I has ended and Quarter II has begun?

Here it is Wednesday (11/7/12) afternoon and we just found out that we are closed again tomorrow and have a Faculty Only Day on Friday! The plan is to have the faculty go in on Friday to assess the situation and make preparations to move all the classes from the 4th Building. Then, on Tuesday, we may have a split session in what's left of the High School for High School students in the morning and Middle School students in the afternoon as the Middle School is still going to be closed. So, that's 10 school days lost as of Friday (11/9/12)! Lucky if we can start teaching again by Wednesday next week after Veteran's Day....

Well, I suppose it's good that we are still closed since it's really hard to get gas around here in Port Jefferson and some of my students are still drying out their homes! However, we really needed to get in there tomorrow to assess the situation without classes running....

OK, the following is only hearsay at best: 
(1) The roof of the 400 building at school is partially gone.

(2) Two computer rooms, 422 and 423, down the hall from my room (429) are a total loss: all the PCs were thrown out the window, literally! Holy cow, we built the computer rooms on the upper floors on purpose to avoid flooding from below.... 

(3) District repair crews are working on rooms 424, 425 and 426. No word on computer room 427 or the Math Office in room 428.

(4) I have just been notified that 429 is partially destroyed. It's deemed a 50% loss. I wonder which half survived....

(5) Further, the entire 4th Building is uninhabitable: top to bottom. It's closed for repairs for a month. All classes will be relocated! We may have a staff only day on Friday 11/9 and a staff+student day on Tuesday 11/13 after Veterans' Day. Maybe we'll have a normal day of instruction finally Wednesday 11/14?.

(6) My HomeWork records are probably swimming with the fishes! If so, everyone gets 100%! Further, if you gave me any college recommendation materials or extra credit assignments for the end of the quarter, you need to re-submit hard copies as soon as possible once we get back to school. The 400 Building is a total loss, it is cordoned off and no one is allowed in there for at least a month! Consider everything in there, including your lockers, destroyed. We will start from scratch when we get back! My prayers are with you and your families as we rebuild.

(7) I know this has been an ordeal for all of us. Mother Nature is most powerful and she has not been kind. However, please note that:
We are safe.
We are strong.
We will persevere.
We will rebuild it all.


Quarter I, Week 8: ScreenCasts, SmartNotes and Code oh my! 

Math 4R: preCalculus for Seniors
Math 4H: preCalculus Honors for Juniors
Math 5H: AP Calculus BC
CSH: Computer Science Honors
APCS: AP Computer Science
CIS(theta): Computing Independent Study

Above you will find links to summaries of all my lessons for this past week!

This week Youtube Wednesday had to be about Ada Lovelace Day!

Enjoy a little background music composed by late great Joel Goldsmith:

Well, that's all folks!
Learning with Technology, 

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