Saturday, June 2, 2012

Quarter IV, Week 7: ScreenCasts, SmartNotes and Code, oh my!

AP Calculus BC is starting a final project with SAGE I like to call LAC 2012: "Life After Calculus." LAC 2011 was the same last last year except we did without SAGE and didn't get a chance to record for YouTube. So, I did a lot of Calculus with SAGE on Youtube this week! 

LACS 2012: "Life After CompSci" also started this week. We are going to do some graphics programming with java on Youtube (GameOfLife, Turtles, Fractals). Last year LACS 2011 was about appInventor for Droid. Next year, LACS 2013 may revisit Droid app development again with Eclipse.

Maybe I'll record LApreC 2010: "Life After preCalculus" and LAP 2009: "Life After Physics" as well.

preCalculus for Seniors  
preCalculus started UNIT5: Antiderivatives, their last unit, this week! See above for a great YouTube song about Riemann Sums!

Calculus Research Lab
CRL finally started the Calc3 text on DiffEqus! We finished the Derivatives text (calc-1) last semester and the AntiDerivatives text (calc-2) last quarter. We are using this Differential Equations text (calc-3) in our final project! These texts are all free for the download as PDFs from
pages 15-20 of DiffEqus text:

I hope you enjoyed this week's notes!

Learning with Technology, 

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