Monday, May 21, 2012

Reinstall Fest 2012!

Oh, Oh, I ran out of hdd space and totally FUBARRED my SmartBoard PC! So, I followed these instructions from previous installations and got back up and running in no time! I used the Ubuntu 11.04 32 bit install liveCD. After enabling my static IP and printers, I added WINE. Then I installed SmartNotebook 10 for 32bit Linux. I also enabled libDVDread4 and VLC as we are still in Movie marathon mode! I also added Chromium. 

The only thing that was troublesome was installing the new JRE from Oracle for Firefox! So, I followed these instructions:

0) After installing JRE, I did not need flash for YouTube!
1) I use WINE mostly for Virtual-TI (not to mention StarCraft I).
2) This is a 64bit box, but I used 32bit Linux as SmartNotebook has no 64bit version.
3) VLC is mostly for playing mp4s I download from YouTube via KeepVid.
4) Chromium, or Google Chrome, is needed for our online gradebook.
5) I set the home page in Firefox to
6) I set the home page in Chromium to
7) All my sites from Edmodo, YouTube, BlogSpot, PasteBin and SlideShare to work!
8) I setup my Shadowfax background on the desktop!
9) I did not get to SAGE yet. Installing SAGE is what got me into trouble in the first place as it takes a lot of room. I downloaded sage.lzma which was about 400 MB. This file extracts to over 1 GB. When I tried extracting thusly:
tar --lzma -xvf sage.lzma
I had less than 1 GB of hdd space and tar did not check when in lzma mode! Suddenly my hdd was overloaded, my GUI crashed and I couldn't delete the offending files. I have to install SAGE locally as I had to remove internet access....

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