Friday, February 17, 2012

Quarter III, Week 3: ScreenCasts, SmartNotes and Code, oh my!

This was the last week before February Break! AP Calculus BC enjoyed their first BC MCQ Monday exam (2003 BC IA). There was no TED Tuesday this week. I'm such a slave driver! We had our last Grace Hopper related YouTube Wednesday. We had an informal Think-a-lot Thursday reviewing Completing the Square and graphing Conic Sections from Standard Form Equations for my preCalculus for Seniors Quiz on FRQ Friday! Note: Not every Monday is an MCQ Monday, not every Tuesday is a TED Tuesday, not every Wednesday is a YouTube Wednesday, not every Thursday is a Think-a-lot Thursday and not every Friday is a FRQ Friday. Gotta switch it up sometimes!

AP Calculus BC continued Chapter 8 on integration techniques. We also had our first BC MCQ (2003 BC IA).

BC Calc 0809 Partial Fractions!

BC Calc 0811 Solving DiffEqus Graphically and Numerically: Slope Fields!

preCalculus for Seniors started Chapter 10 on Conic Section.

preCalc 10-02 Parabolas

preCalc 10-03 + 10-04 Ellipses and Hyperbolas

AP Computer Science continued CH8/EX7 on arrays and ArrayLists! We wrote the DataSet class using static arrays. What follows is the final product. Please view C7X8 and C7X8a on my YouTube Channel, Calcpage2009, as well!
C7X8 - C7X8b Calculus Research Lab continued our new anti-derivatives eText!

CRL 1.1 Reimann Sums Intro

HTH and I hope you enjoyed this week's notes!

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