Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quarter II, Week 7: ScreenCasts, SmartNotes and Code, oh my!

AP Calculus BC finished Unit 6 and had a test on metrics aka measurement theory (applications of the definite integral). Last week we reviewed area and talked about volumes of revolution (disk, washer, shell) in dx and dy. This week we finished volumes with known cross sections as well as arc length and surface area. 
BC Calc 608 Surface Area

preCaclulus for Seniors started CH9 on polar coordinates last week. This week we focused on Rcis(theta) form complex number arithmetic.
preCalc 903 CIS(theta)

preCalculus 903 cis(theta)

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AP Computer Science just finished the lab at the end of Grid World Part II (CircleBug, SpiralBug and ZBug). Sorry, I don't post labs online! After break we are going to do loops and arrays.

Calculus Research Lab finished CH4 with exercises on the derivatives of trig and inverse trig functions.

Computer Math finished CH5 of positional number systems! We didn't do Day6 on fractions or Day7 on truth tables yet.

Computer Math Day 01+06 Number Systems

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