Saturday, June 5, 2010

A bit of R&R!

Finally, AP Review is over! Finally, AP Exams are over! Finally, a little bit of R&R! In school, I'm showing my students how to use SAGE, except for Fridays. On Fridays we have LAN Party Friday! We've been playing bzflag for a while, I'm trying to set up Tremulous for next week. The last few days of class, I think we'll top off the Star Trek Trilogy (II, III, IV) with Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

The weekends have been a lot more relaxed lately with all the Mock AP Exams over and all the grading that goes along with it! So, I've been taking my kids to the city. Last weekend, we spent the whole day just walking through Central Park. What a nice day. We walked all along The Pond on the south end. Then we walked all around the Central Park Zoo. The weather was great for Spring. The park was full of musicians and artists. Right next to the golden chariot monument for the USS Maine, there were a dozen guys from some college trying to earn their fares back whole singing barber shop quartet style. One homeless guy set up a whole percussion section near the zoo made up of anything he could find in the street to make noise with and he was good! We saw all the horse and carriages on Central Park South. There was a Statue of Liberty mime trying to take pictures with us.... Then we had a snack at the Columbus Circle Mall. There's a cool Samsung demo store where we saw all the latest 55" HD 3D LCD!

This past weekend we went to the Tenement Museum,  We went on a guided tour to a refurbished apartment that was once home to a family of Sephardic Jews fresh off the boat from Greece via Ellis Island circa 1916. The tour included an actress in the apartment pretending to be a daughter of this family by the name of Victoria Confino.  We were told to act the part of newly arrived immigrants ourselves looking for an apartment there too. This was great fun and very educational for my kids! I am going back!

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