Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meeting II

Today's Aim: Boot up an MPI cluster using the Pelican HPC 64-bit bootable CD from the University of Barcelona on the Master Node and PXE booting the Worker Nodes
Tonight's Reading: Building Parallel Programs, Chapter 2
This Week's Research: look up info on GIMPS, PovRay and Fractals
Attending: JeremyA, SteveB, DevinB, ArthurD 

We had a problem with conflicting DHCP servers on our LAN when setting up Pelican HPC, even though the Linux LAN is supposed to be isolated.  I was surprised as I had this working last June!  We'll try again next meeting.  We are also looking into downloading and buring the Red Hat Fedora 11 64-bit installation DVD to reinstall the whole room.  Eventually, we'll try to emulate the MPI+MPITB+Octave cluster a la Pelican HPC.  Maybe we can install Sage from the University of Washington and use dSage?  What about the proprietary version of MOSIX, now that openMOSIX is dead, from the University of Israel?

Happy Clustering,

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